Buyers To Do List

Here’s your to-do list :

Finding a home that has the qualities you want and is within your budget is no easy feat. But there’s lots more to do before you move in.


Before you make an offer :

These to-dos can be completed before or after you make an offer, but getting ahead of the game is a good idea.


After your offer is accepted :

These items should be added to your list once your offer has been accepted.

If there is an issue with any of your conditions, you will need to speak with your real estate representative and your lawyer about your options.

If all the conditions are satisfied, you will have to sign documents stating that each of the conditions are either waived or fulfilled. The offer will then become firm.


Planning your move :

Throughout this process, your registered real estate professional is a great resource. Make the most of their expertise as you work through these to-dos. Just remember, at each step of the way, you’re getting a little bit closer to your dream home.